Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation crawler algorithm is to monitor global autopsy reports for the presence of any details associated with SCP-XXXX. Loudspeaker and/or amplification equipment of any venues holding the funeral services of suspected affected individuals is to be disabled for the duration of those services. Where this necessitates the irreversible sabotage of equipment, venue managers are to receive appropriate financial compensation.

Pending further research into the actuation of the anomalous effect of SCP-XXXX, no further containment is possible.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a distant celestial body of unknown composition. Homo sapiens universally perceive all light waves emitted by this object as audial stimulus. Whilst SCP-XXXX is not visibly perceptible, staring at its precise location in space for prolonged periods of time results in the perception of a high-pitched sine wave which has been described as comparable to the effect of mild tinnitus. Blind or neurologically deaf individuals are immune to the effects of SCP-XXXX.

Although exceptionally rare in occurrence, prolonged perceptional exposure to the waves emitted by SCP-XXXX consistently induces a para-mnestic effect in Homo sapiens. The content of this anomalous confabulation centres around a magazine, television or radio interview featuring the favourite contemporary musician of the affected individual. In cases where the affected individual has previously read or heard such an interview, the false memory will integrate pre-existing content. In other cases the false memory will be fabricated in its entirety. In either event, affected individuals recall their favourite contemporary musician citing their own favourite act as an obscure band named ‘The Quintet’. They recall their favourite musician stating that The Quintet do not allow recordings of their material, only performing it at rare and exclusive events. Furthermore, they recall hearing that the band name is a misnomer, as they are still seeking their ideal fifth member.

Unless intercepted following exposure to the waves of SCP-XXXX, affected individuals are soon found deceased in a secluded outdoor location. Their bodies are commonly found with a weapon, usually a knife. In instances where no weapon is present at the scene, autopsy reports usually state that the individual has consumed a potentially fatal overdose of medication or illegal drugs shortly prior to their demise. Regardless, the cause of death is universally found to be consistent with extreme low-frequency vibration resulting in catastrophic internal trauma including multiple simultaneous haemorrhages and the violent collapse of the lungs.

In three recorded cases, hours prior to their deaths affected individuals have confided to a friend that they were anxious about a secret audition, or excited about their chance to become a star.

Any piece of music played at the funeral service of an affected individual who has died in this way anomalously includes a sharp gasping, grunting and/or screaming vocalisation which persists for the duration of the piece. This vocalisation is occasionally perceived by attendant mourners as a dazzlingly bright light show or high-budget pyrotechnic display.