Dreams of Drugged Salvation

Item #: SCP-5550


Promotional material for SCP-5550

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5550 as well as SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B have been transported to a Standard Nonsentient Anomaly Chamber within Site-107. SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B are self-sustaining and thus do not require food or water.

Person of Interest #1377 is currently housed within Site-107 and is planned to be amnesticized and released on 17/5/2006.

Description: SCP-5550 is the collective designation for both an anomalously modified Atari 7800 console as well as the Atari game cartridge titled "Swordquest: Airworld" developed by Atari Inc. All attempts at removing the game cartridge from the game console have been met with failure. The phrase "'Who put this thing together? Me, that’s who! Who do I trust? Me!' – Tony Montana" has been etched onto the bottom of the console. "Atari Arcadia" is etched directly underneath.

In place of standard circuitry, SCP-5550 contains a large amount of human tissue, hair, teeth, and bone fragments, which all link together in various ways. Despite this, SCP-5550 is functional and behaves like a non-anomalous Atari 7800 console. DNA testing of the tissue located within SCP-5550 is currently ongoing as of writing.

SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B are the designations for a set of comatose humans named John Bronzeberg and Michael I. Jackalson respectively. Both entities are wearing a large amount of equipment that is meant to simulate a virtual reality environment from within SCP-5550.


SCP-5550 at the site of discovery.

This equipment allows SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B to experience every human sense while within the game, including pain. The equipment renders the entities both completely paralyzed and unconscious via an unknown mechanic present within the equipment. The virtual reality equipment consists of

  • a set of Atari branded Virtual Reality goggles similar in design to that of the Nintendo's Virtual Boy, which has been strapped to the entities' eyes,
  • a set of Atari branded Virtual Reality gloves, vest, pants, footings, and neck brace,
  • a large mouth guard which also protects the entities' noses,
  • and an unknown surgical attachment to the entities' spines.

SCP-5550 features a microphone that can be used to communicate with SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B while they are located within SCP-5550. Additionally, everything that the entities say is played through the speakers of the television that SCP-5550 is connected to, allowing for back and forth communication with the entities.

All attempts at removing the equipment from SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B have been met with failure.

Further Description of SCP-5550 Gameplay:

SCP-5550 is a two-player game where the player(s) take control of primitively drawn humanoids in a 3D space collecting items and clues. As SCP-5550 is a virtual reality game, the player(s) play in a first person perspective.

As have the previous games (Earthworld, Fireworld, Waterworld), SCP-5550 is designed around an acient spiritual scripture, with Earthworld centered around the Western Zodiac, Fireworld is the Kabbalah tree of life, and Waterworld are the Chakras. SCP-5550 is instead focused around the ancient Chinese text titled I Ching (易經), which is focused around divinity. SCP-5550's rooms and action sequences are centered around the 64 hexagrams contained within the I Ching. More information regarding the significance of this is currently unknown at this time.


SCP-5550's start screen that is displayed whenever both SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B die.

As the previous games were thematically designed around its respective element (Earth, Fire, Water), SCP-5550 contains Air based levels, which include jumping on flying birds to cross a level, flying on a gust of wind through large towering spires, and navigating through tornadoes. There may be more levels of these kind, but SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B have declined to proceed further into SCP-5550.

Currently, whenever SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B "die" within SCP-5550, they are transported to the very beginning. No checkpoints have been discovered within SCP-5550.


SCP-5550 was discovered in 2006 at the residence of PoI-1137 (Howard Scott Warshaw) after local law enforcement was alerted PoI-1137's house making a loud "rumbling" noise once every three seconds. After multiple warnings against PoI-1137 to cease this noise, police arrived and discovered PoI-1137 unconscious on a large pile of PCP and Cocaine with SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B located nearby, screaming at PoI-1137 to wake up through the speakers of a TV. Undercover Agent Jason Foley administered amnestics to all witnesses to the event and transported all items related to SCP-SCP-5550 to nearby Site-107.

The following is an interview conducted with PoI-1137 shortly after regaining consciousness


Agent Foley: Hello, Howard. Please don't worry, we're not going to harm you, we just wish to ask you several questions.

PoI-1137: Meh, I know you men in black types. Had a couple encounters with ya, you fuck people UP, you know?

Agent Foley: This is not true. If you answer some of our questions, we'll let you free.

PoI-1137: Just ask 'em before I leave here myself.

Agent Foley: Good. Where did you obtain the Atari 7800 that you were discovered with?

PoI-1137: Oh, I didn't find it. Didn't make it either, the two dumbasses that were in my house made it. I joined in late.

Agent Foley: Please elaborate.

PoI-1137: You know what, do you mind if I just basically start from the beginning? It'll make more sense.

Agent Foley: Go ahead.

PoI-1137: Now back a long ass time ago in my younger years, I made, er, programmed Atari cartridges. Yarr's Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., that kinda shit. You aware of them?

Agent Foley: I've heard of them, yes.

PoI-1137: Yeah, couple years before I left, higher ups knew Atari wasn't really doing that hot. We were lookin for something that could save us from going under. Nolan left a while back due to some shit, which fucked us over hard. We decided that a competition with cool prizes would get us back on the market. Nintendo and Sega were getting more popular and popular, it was only a matter of time if we didn't adapt.

Agent Foley: So, you developed Swordquest?

PoI-1137: Oh, I didn't. I barely knew what was going on with that project, I was working on my own shit. Now, I don't really know what happened that much, but the Crash happens, everyone's panicking, shit's horrible, yadda yadda. I get an email, from John. One of the guys that's hooked up to the 7800. Tells me the first three Swordquest games are out, but they need my help for the fourth. They need my "special touch." They're good guys so I say yes and head over to his house. That's when I saw that they already had a changed up 7800 and like some gloves and a hat.

Agent Foley: Do you know where they obtained the Atari console?

PoI-1137: I'm gettin' to it, doctor, don't worry. Dudes told me Nolan came to them.

Agent Foley: In… in a dream?

PoI-1137: No? I don't know, they were incredibly vague. They just said Nolan met them and helped them out and they needed my help to finish it.

PoI-1137: I get there, and I find the… console. It's covered to the BRIM with teeth and hair and shit… no, not like, feces, I… nevermind.

Agent Foley: I understand.

PoI-1137: Normally I'd be asking them what the fuck was wrong with them, but it never really alarmed me. Probably because I was high out of my mind at the time, so I just shrugged it off and started working on the game. Quick suggestion, though…

Agent Foley: Yes?

PoI-1137: Try not to touch the teeth. You could get a nasty cut, like I did.

PoI-1137 removes a bandage from their left hand, revealing an amputated ring finger.

Agent Foley: Wait, what? When did this happen? Last time you were sent to the hospital was several years before you started working on the object.

PoI-1137: Had to take matters in my own hands. Anyway, that's not really relevant, can I continue?

Agent Foley: Su-sure.

PoI-1137: Flash forward… maybe like 4-5 months. We get our first prototype working. They decide to check to see how it works, they put on the gear, sit down on a chair, and they haven't gotten up since.

Agent Foley: Have you attempted to remove the gear?

PoI-1137: Much as I possibly could, nothing worked. Any luck on your end?

Agent Foley: No. We also fear that if we do manage to remove it safely, it'll still severely harm them. We do not want to risk it.

PoI-1137: Listen here, bud. Get them outta there.

Agent Foley: Calm down, Howard.

PoI-1137: You know what, kill 'em too, do them a favor. You MiBs fuckin love to murder people, why not here?

Agent Foley: I apologize Howard, but we wish to get them out as safely as possible.

PoI-1137: Don't say I didn't warn ya. If you succeed, strap 'em down, or they'll do the job themselves.



The following are interviews with SCP-5550-A and SCP-5550-B shortly after acquisition.


On 5/5/2006, SCP-5550-A decided to venture further into SCP-5550. Soon after, they discovered a small cave located in one of the early levels. The entrance to the cave is outlined by polygonal teeth and hair, which is theorized to represent the tissue present inside the console itself. SCP-5550-A was instructed to enter the cave, and complied. Over the course of several hours, SCP-5550-A progressed deeper into the cave. The frequency of teeth located on the walls of the cave increased as SCP-5550-A progressed into the cave. SCP-5550-A stated that touching the teeth was painful and caused SCP-5550-A to be nauseous shortly after contact.

After 4 hours and 12 minutes since entering the cave, SCP-5550-A discovered a large hollowed cavern thats filled completely with teeth that are protruding the walls. In the center of a room, a large human heart, theorized to be the size of a small building, is suspended in midair in the middle of the room via chains attached to the ceiling. Once every three seconds, the heart will "beat", which sprays pixelated blood throughout the room. The purpose of this room is unknown.