Weird Part of The Night
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Item #: SCP-5120

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5120's remains are kept in an Anomalous Human Chamber at Site-11.

Description: SCP-5120 is a cybernetic humanoid resembling that of a white, possibly middle aged male with grey hair, wearing a pair of modified Chopard De Rigo sunglasses which have been bolted onto its face. SCP-5120 additionally wears a custom made Dormeuil suit, estimated to be worth approximately $100,000 USD. SCP-5120 has no eyes, brain, tongue, genitals, and, with the exception of the gastrointestinal tract, internal organs. SCP-5120's skin is a combination of non-anomalous human flesh and Kevlar.

Upon discovery within Site-11, it continued to walk through the Euclid Wing until it was interrupted by a researcher. The researcher mistook it for a member from another Foundation site before frantically speaking to it in an attempt for it to notice the researcher. The researcher grabbed SCP-5120's shoulders and violently shook it before accidentally pushing it into a wall, dealing minor damage to its circuitry. SCP-5120 proceeded to communicate to nearby personnel:

It is our greatest accomplishment that we speak to you today, to thank you for cooperating us with making a bright future for humanity.

After this, SCP-5120 exited the Euclid Wing.

Approximately 5 hours later, SCP-5120 was seen again within Dr. Malfred's office, who was filling out a letter to the O5 Council. SCP-5120 tripped over a small pebble on the floor, smashing into Dr. Malfred's desk. This both injured Dr. Malfred and destroyed his desk. Dr. Malfred got up from his chair and questioned SCP-5120 on why it was located in his office. SCP-5120 said the following:

The Council has only the best interests for you and your family. Bonded by blood, we will risk our very lives to see this era through

SCP-5120 then tripped on the same pebble as before, crashing into Dr. Malfred, causing more injuries.

SCP-5120 exited Dr. Malfred's office and entered the smoking area, which was currently occupied by several researchers and Dr. Telly, who was interacting with the window while visibly frustrated. SCP-5120 stepped up to Dr. Telly and stated the following:

None of this would be possible without the wonderful help from The Council and those that work with them. Nothing is impossible with the Foundation.

Dr. Telly turned around and stared at SCP-5120 in apparent anger before returning to her previous activity. SCP-5120 leaves the smoking area and is not found by any personnel for several hours.

SCP-5120 is next seen in the kitchen, watching as several onsite chefs are rummaging through large amounts of empty boxes, attempting to find any leftover food. SCP-5120 stated the following while entering the fridge:

War shall no longer be, when we all work together, and continue our mission to preserve humanity.

The chefs do not notice SCP-5120, and it stayed in the fridge for another hour before exiting and entering the site cafeteria. Shortly after, SCP-5120 was quickly grabbed by a group of researchers and doctors and was used as a makeshift battering ram against the doors leading outside the Site. This heavily damaged SCP-5120, preventing it from operating beyond basic limb movement. Before becoming irreversibly damaged, SCP-5120 stated the following:

All that serve the Foundation are eternally taken care of with only the finest medicine and healthcare, for no charge. All you need to do is ask the O5 Council, and your troubles will be…

It should be noted that personnel had known that SCP-5120 was a cybernetic anomaly that had free access to the entire Site uninterrupted, but ignored this due to more pressing concerns. Following this event, plans have been made to ration SCP-5120's flesh to all onsite personnel starting one week from now.