Not Bottomless
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Item #: SCP-5250

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-5250-1 has been closed using standard stitches. SCP-5250 has been amnesticized to remove any knowledge of SCP-5250-1 and its entrance. SCP-5250 has been informed that in the event they notice a "tear" within the back of their throat, they are to specifically contact undercover Foundation doctor Anna Sandström, who has been assigned to monitor SCP-5250.

All further exploration attempts of SCP-5250-1 have been indefinitely postponed.

Description: SCP-5250 is famous American competitive eater Joey Chestnut. At the time of writing, SCP-5250 is ██ years of age and weighs 104 kg. Aside from the entrance to SCP-5250-1, SCP-5250 is non-anomalous and in relatively good health.

A 3.5cm diameter hole is present on SCP-5250's pharynx. This hole is an entrance to an alternate dimension, referred to as SCP-5250-1. SCP-5250-1 consists of a planet, approximately the same size as Earth, composed entirely out of various types of meats and bread, all coated with a layer of human saliva. SCP-5250-1 consists of three main continents, one significantly smaller than the rest, separated by several oceans of saliva and mucus.

SCP-5250-1 contains large amounts of "spires" composed entirely out of hot dog meat and hot dog buns, located at seemingly random points throughout SCP-5250-1. The highest recorded spire is located at 40.5755° N, 73.9707° W, equivalent to Coney Island in New York City, measuring at 9.2 km in height.