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Item #: SCP-5050

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter is to be established around the house that contains SCP-5050. Plans are currently being made to transport SCP-5050 to an appropriate containment chamber at nearby Site-236. More information regarding the containment chamber that will hold SCP-5050 can be found within Document-02 or by contacting Head Researcher Henry.

Description: SCP-5050 is a pale, emaciated humanoid entity. Several of its extremities have been replaced with mechanical replacements which serve varying purposes. SCP-5050's abdomen has been replaced with a miniature steam engine which outputs a black, gaseous substance, which serves as SCP-5050's digestion system. SCP-5050's eyes have been replaced with CCTV cameras which are theorized to be capable of sight. The SCP Foundation's symbol has been branded on SCP-5050's forehead.

SCP-5050's shoulder, knee, and elbow joints have been replaced with 1938 Underwood Champion typewriters. These typewriters contain a seemingly infinite amount of ink and paper, and are capable of pressing its keys without human intervention. Whenever SCP-5050 moves, the typewriters begin to type at random, producing a page with random letters and numbers with no discernible pattern. It is theorized that SCP-5050 contains muscles that can press each individual key, which are also used when moving.

When SCP-5050 discovers an object that it doesn't understand, it will become immobile. Clicking sounds comparable to that of a non-anomalous typewriter can be heard during this process. SCP-5050's typewriters will proceed to write an SCP file for the object that it has discovered, complete with hypothetical containment procedures and a highly detailed description. SCP-5050 can produce information that it has no logical way of deducting via these typewriters, such as the object's manufacturer, date of creation, or previous owner.

Details such as the names of nonexistent Foundation doctors, interview logs with the object, addenda, sites, and experiment logs can be found. Several of these documents have been discovered surrounding the entity in question:

Item #: SCP-1929

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1929 is to be kept in a Standard Safe Item container within Site-67. Information regarding SCP-1929 can be found by contacting Researcher Heinagin.

Description: SCP-1929 is a ceramic cup capable of holding approximately 350 ml of fluid. SCP-1929's geometry has proven to be anomalous. More information regarding SCP-1929 is unknown.

Addendum-1: SCP-1929 is topologically a deformed donut-esque shape. It is unknown whether SCP-1929 is indestructible.

Item #: SCP-2041

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Five chambers, each 2x2 meters in size, have been constructed surrounding SCP-2041's main containment chamber. Each of the chambers is to contain an element known to be harmful to SCP-2041, which include

  • A steel pot containing coal and fire. The fire is to be continuously lit.
  • A steel pot containing six liters of water.
  • A steel pot containing 50 meters of Light.
  • A steel pot containing 100 different knives.
  • A steel pot containing 1191 handgun.

In the event that SCP-2041 grows uncontrollably, Agent Seag is to grab a nearby pot and assault SCP-2041 until it is Neutralized.

Description: SCP-2041 is a plant based organism similar in composition to grass outside the house. SCP-2041 was located within a clay flowerpot and was in the possession of Momo King. SCP-2041 contains eight petals of unknown composition and feeds on sunlight, similar to the photosynthesis of grass.

It is theorized that SCP-2041 is only capable of growing up to several centimeters in height, but SCP-2041's full capabilities are unknown.

Experiment #1

Water applied to SCP-2041. Subject survived.

Experiment #2

More water applied to SCP-2041. Subject survived.

Experiment #3

Even more water applied to SC

Item #: SCP-6711

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6711 is to be interviewed once a day.

Description: SCP-6711 is a postage stamp. More information is unknown

Interview Log

(Begin Log)

Site Director: Hello, SCP-6711.

SCP-6711: s

Site Director: tlk

SCP-6711: Silence

silenSite Director:

Site Director: interview ov

Site Director: please

Addendum-1: SCP-5050 revealed to be a broken mirror. Head Researcher Henry's hand revealed to be injured. SCP-5050 has disappeared. The Foundation wishes to discover SCP-5050's new location. The Foundation wishes to know why it suffers.



The Foundation is very interested in this phenomenon.