Ego Found Dead

Number 1 wasn't the first, y'know.

Creativity flourishes in an environment that limits one's capabilities.

Some random Chinese scholar from several millennia ago didn't say that, that was the slogan for the Nintendo of America game development team #9. Calling it a development team is probably giving it too much credit as the only real job it had was to translate Japanese into English and make sure not many things got lost in translation. Luckily, a 5 year old kid could probably get through the entirety of the original Pokemon Red without knowing a lick of Japanese, so errors were significantly more forgiving.

Frederick liked to try and convince himself that his job wasn't as hellish as he always thought it was. Nothing exists in a void, and if Frederick's job had him working in a black void with no human in sight, he'd be a happy man. But other people exist, so he's rather annoyed.

"Jesus Christ Fred, what the fuck is this?"

The voice was way too familiar. It was enough to cut out the middle man and kill the butterflies in his stomach, skipping two entire stages of grief. Frederick's superior, Jonas Gravben, "Gravebin" for short. It took every ounce of his willpower not to just cuss him out and kick him in the shin, but 4 bucks an hour wasn't anything to scoff at. Thus, he endured his bullshit day after day.

"Look at this shit." yelled Gravebin while slamming down a sketch of a tie-wearing brown Gorilla. Several quotes for the character are off to the side, each written in a unique handwriting. Gravebin points to the one bottom left of the Gorilla, the one Frederick wrote.

"What the fuck does "bamma" mean?"

Frederick knew too damn well Gravebin knew what it meant. Dude just loved being an asshole.

"Well sir, the original translation was sorta vague so I had to go with an aprox-"

"Do I look like I give a shit? Do your fucking job, you went to Japan for 10 years for this shit, act like it."

And without another word, Gravebin exited the office fast enough to dwarf the Flash. None of this really bothered Frederick anymore. It is hard to give a shit when this is the 5th time this week Gravebin has yelled at Frederick. It wasn't a momentous event that could determine whether he kept his job or not, it was a reminder that it was 2 days away until Friday.