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RE: Unknown Anomaly

To all personnel of Mobile Task Force Alpha-0,

You were chosen for both

  • Your reliability
  • Your innate ability to keep yourself quiet.

As such, you will be briefed on your next assignment. For a quick refresher, I am Milica Đorđević, Maria Jones's assistant, and second-in-command to RAISA. The project you are about to contribute to is against Foundation policy, and we are the only ones aware of this anomaly.

The following information is restricted to only the O5 Council. The Council has warned every member of the Foundation that attempting to access information regarding their personal lives would be punishable by death. Not amnestication, death. They do not want to risk the 0.02% fail rate. Various world leaders would die to have the Council's ability to eliminate any dissenters that stand in their way.

See the attached file for a full description of the anomaly in question. If this email server is compromised, you all know well enough what happens.

-attached file: scp-5000.pdf

Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class: Pocetka

Description: SCP-5000 is an abandoned Serbian hospital, located 4.5 kilometers from the Serbian and Montenegrin borders. SCP-5000 was constructed in the late 19th century by American architect Robert Feltworth. 90% of all documentation pertaining to SCP-5000 was destroyed by unknown means.

It has been discovered that every member of the O5 Council was born within SCP-5000.

This information was gathered from thirteen separate containers, all discovered within various remote locations scattered around the planet. Each container corresponded to a specific O5 Council member and contained shredded documents detailing the Council members birth within SCP-5000. It is theorized that the documents were not burned in case the Council needed to restore the documents sometime in the future. Each document is signed by its respective Council member.

The Serbian government does not know of SCP-5000's existence.