The Irate Gamer

Item #: SCP-7987

Object Class: Keter Safe


SCP-7987, several seconds before enacting a Rage Event.

Updated Special Containment Procedures: As of Project Foxhunt, SCP-7987 is kept in a constant comatose state with their nutritional needs being met via IV therapy.

Former Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-7987 consists of the concealment of Rage Events and/or SCP-7987's involvement in them. Currently, SCP-7987 cannot be contained fully without civilian witnesses due to SCP-7987's online fame.

All Rage Events are to be reported as either caused by natural disasters, terrorist activity, SCP-7987's home experiencing a power outage, CGI, or an industrial accident. Any attempts by SCP-7987 to explain that these events did not occur will be intercepted by implanted Foundation officers.

Description: SCP-7987 is a human male, aged 31, who regularly streams themself playing various video games on the website Twitch under the username Maniciac (formerly maniciacgaming91). SCP-7987 is characterized in their streams as being an aggressive, petty and "quick-to-anger" gamer, which SCP-7987 claims is not an act.

SCP-7987 possesses physical abilities that vastly supersede that of a baseline human. This usually results in large amounts of destruction whenever SCP-7987 gets especially angry at a video game, hereafter referred to as Rage Events.

During a Rage Event, SCP-7987 will usually hit, slam, slap, kick, or otherwise perform any other violent action on their equipment in an apparent fit of rage. Due to SCP-7987's physical capabilities, this can cause the near-destruction of their equipment and house, with the range of destruction occasionally reaching beyond the confines of their property. However, for the majority of Rage Events, the only damage caused are cracks in the foundation of SCP-7987's house, which the audience of SCP-7987's streams will not notice.

SCP-7987 will sometimes destroy their equipment in unique and creative ways as well, some of which have been described in the Abridged Rage Event Log attached to this file.

SCP-7987's anomaly appeared to have manifested in 2014 during a stream in which they played Call of Duty: Black Ops II in a multiplayer match. During the stream, SCP-7987's character was killed several seconds after leaving their spawn point, which caused SCP-7987 to abruptly slam their table, completely destroying their house and leaving a crater 15 meters in width. A cover story was planted which stated that SCP-7987 slamming their desk actually unplugged their computer, and that the explosion occurred several hours later when SCP-7987 was at a nearby store due to a gas leak.

Abridged Rage Event Log

The following is a log of Rage Events that have been deemed notable, either for the large amount of destruction caused or for the creative use of SCP-7987's enhanced physical abilities. For a full list of SCP-7987's Rage Events, see RAGE-EVENT-7987-01.

Rage Event #: 21

Description of Event: While playing a match of Team Fortress 2, SCP-7987 engaged in an altercation with an enemy gamer which lasted 12 seconds. SCP-7987 missed 17 out of 19 of their shots, causing them to lose the fight. Upon dying, SCP-7987 exclaimed "Oh wow okay, yeah bro you're totally so good at the game dude" before abruptly punching their monitor, causing a narrow and confined shockwave which left a large hole in their wall while simultaneously destroying their computer and monitor. The shockwave extended for approximately 200 meters, devastating several houses in SCP-7987's neighborhood. Three people were injured in the incident with no fatalities being reported.

Actions Taken: The event was explained under a cover story as the accidental detonation of a mortar shell that was gifted to SCP-7987 by their grandfather, who had presumed that it was disarmed.

Rage Event #: 47

Description of Event: While playing Grand Theft Auto Online, SCP-7987's player character was flying in a jet plane attempting to kill another player, who had a bounty placed on their character. Several minutes after flying, another player in a jet plane flew up to SCP-7987's player character and intentionally crashed into it, killing them instantly. Moments before impact, SCP-7987 exclaimed "Dude, fucking stream snipers1 get off my dick, dude." Once impacted, SCP-7987 grabbed their computer monitor before moving into a nearby room.

SCP-7987 presumably threw the computer monitor through their window. The sound of glass breaking and a sound that is assumed to be a sonic boom was audible through the Twitch stream, though the latter was significantly less audible. The computer monitor landed fourteen kilometers away and it is theorized that it reached a maximum airborne speed of 2700 kph before landing onto a highway in northern California, causing a moderately sized crater.

Actions Taken: The event was explained as having been caused by the contents of a cargo plane being ejected mid flight and landing onto the ground, one of the items being a computer monitor.

Rage Event #: 113

Description of Event: While playing Apex Legends, SCP-7987 was suddenly killed by another enemy gamer which SCP-7987 could not locate. When they died, SCP-7987 exclaimed "Dude what? Huh? Where the fuck were you?" Upon noticing in the "killcam" that the enemy was submerged into the terrain by means of a glitch, SCP-7987 stated "Oh okay. Great game here Respawn real fucking great" before throwing their controller onto the ground. The controller bounced off of the floor and rebounded quickly into the air through SCP-7987's ceiling, causing obvious structural damage to their house. Shortly after this, SCP-7987 ended the stream. The controller is currently in an orbit around Mars.

Actions Taken: This was the first Rage Event where the audience clearly noticed the result of SCP-7987's anomalous strength. Thus, a disinformation campaign was launched which stated that the stream was prerecorded and that the event was made using CGI in order to promote SCP-7987's newest book, "The Angriest Gamer: The Story of Maniciac." SCP-7987 initially denied that they had any involvement in the book. However, upon noticing that the book would quickly become a New York Times Best Seller and earn them a large amount of money, SCP-7987 quickly changed their mind and claimed to have written the book.

Rage Event #: 176

Description of Event: While playing a game of Chess on "", SCP-7987 was playing as black very late into the game with a slight lead over their opponent. SCP-7987 makes a mistake which loses them several pawns without gaining anything in return. Once SCP-7987 noticed this, they silently stood up, grabbed their keyboard, and smashed it over their knee. The force of this action forcefully triggered a magnitude 5.3 earthquake in the area, which subsequently created a large crevice in the ground around SCP-7987's house, which was large enough for SCP-7987's entire neighborhood to fall into. This event caused approximately 257 injuries and 23 fatalities.

Actions Taken: The event was rebranded by the Foundation as "The 2021 Half Moon Bay Earthquake" and was explained to have been caused by natural processes. When SCP-7987 was questioned as to their thoughts about the event and the casualties they had caused by an implanted Foundation agent, SCP-7987 stated that they regretted it heavily and that they were a "changed person" from now on.

Rage Event #: 177

Description of Event: Occurred several days after Rage Event #176, during which SCP-7987 was in the process of moving into a new house. SCP-7987 was playing Fortnite, where it was one the last 5 people alive in a round. SCP-7987 entered a firefight with several other players at once, exclaiming "Oh you're fuckin' ganging up on me, yeah, yeah, course you do, course you do." And when it died several seconds later, SCP-7987 grabbed their mouse by the cord, forcefully unplugged it from their computer tower, and began swirling it above their head. The mouse and cord was being swung in the manner similar to that of a lasso. SCP-7987 threw the mouse and cord around their monitor and then proceeded to swing the monitor around their head.

The speed of the swinging began to exponentially speed up, at one point reaching approximately 1,287,000 RPM, which reduced the monitor and mouse to plasma. When it became too hot for SCP-7987 to continue holding, they threw the molten plasma through a wall which hit their neighbor, John Hetent, who was vaporized instantly.

Actions Taken: A cover story was implanted which claimed that John Hetent was a nuclear physicist at a nearby particle accelerator who had accidentally tripped into a powered particle beam, inducing enough radiation poisoning to instantly kill him. SCP-7987 was once again asked for their opinion on the matter, in which they replied that they regretted it heavily and that they were a "changed person" from now on.

Rage Event #: 207

Description of Event: SCP-7987's final Rage Event before Project Foxhunt was enacted. SCP-7987 was playing The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, a children's game based on the movie of the same name. SCP-7987 was attempting to solve a memory game in order to retrieve Elmo's lost blanket. However, SCP-7987 kept losing, which continued to frustrate SCP-7987 over the course of their attempts. After trying and failing the minigame 163 times, SCP-7987 grabbed their keyboard and walked outside. Eyewitness reports state SCP-7987 walked several miles towards a point in which the Greenhorn Mountains of California were clearly visible.

SCP-7987 firmly grabbed the keyboard with both hands, and carefully and meticulously lined up the keyboard with the mountains, and then forcefully swung the keyboard towards the mountains, holding the keyboard as if it were a sword. The force of the swing forcefully pushed the air in front of SCP-7987 towards the mountains in the form of a shockwave. Once the shockwave impacted the mountains, the entirety of the Greenhorn mountain range was horizontally bisected through the middle, the top portion of the mountains being launched into the air before crashing back down. The sound of the event could be heard all the way from Phoenix, Arizona. No casualties were reported.

Actions Taken: All direct eyewitnesses of the event were amnesticized. A cover story of a large meteorite directly impacting the Greenhorn mountains was implanted.

Project Foxhunt

Following Rage Event #207, the Foundation determined that SCP-7987's continued existence in the public image posed a direct threat to human lives and normalcy. Project Foxhunt was created and enacted shortly after the event.

Project Foxhunt consisted of creating a believable excuse for the indefinite absence of SCP-7987 from the internet without any suspicion, while also additionally reducing the likelihood of SCP-7987 receiving any new fans following their disappearance.

This was accomplished by having several implanted Foundation agents uncover information regarding SCP-7987's past, one incident of which was revealed to the internet at large. The Foundation revealed that, in 2014, SCP-7987 suffered a breakup with their girlfriend at the time, which made them very angry. In a fit of rage, SCP-7987 attacked her, breaking several of her bones and paralyzing her from the waist down. Upon hearing this information, large online movements were organized which called for the banning of SCP-7987 from Twitch, which was enacted several hours after the information leaked.

SCP-7987 responded to the leak via a tweet containing a Twitlonger, which stated that "I was a terrible person back then but have since then grown and learned the error of my ways." The top reply to the tweet was from a user linking a clip from 2016 in which SCP-7987 called another player in a game a homophobic slur, which gained several times more likes and retweets than SCP-7987's initial tweet.

Over the course of several months, SCP-7987 was completely ostracized from the internet as a whole, which allowed the Foundation to successfully capture SCP-7987 and contain them without issue.