I Will Not Be Forgotten


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One section of Deepwell Archive 17

Item #: SCP-4761

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Deepwell Archive 17 has been constructed for the purposes of localizing references to SCP-4761 which also serves as protection against CK Class Restructering Scenarios, as almost all Deepwell Archives do. SCP-4761 is capable of a functioning at 100% efficiency even when severely damaged. More information regarding Deepwell Archive 17 can be found within Document 001.

All references to the anomalous effects associated with SCP-4761-1 instances outside of the Foundation are to be deleted, and witnesses administered amnestics. All references to SCP-4761-1 instances within the Foundation database are not to be deleted. Files containing references to SCP-4761-1 instances are to be moved to Deepwell Archive 17.

Description: SCP-4761 is the name "Westrin" as well as anything with that name, hereafter referred to as SCP-4761-1 instances. While these persons can vary in physical appearance and behavior, every single person that comprises SCP-4761 has the name "Westrin" or something very similar. It is unknown how many SCP-4761-1 instances there are at any given time, but an approximate estimate theorizes that it could be around 30,000.

SCP-4761-1 instances are incapable of learning of each other's existence, and events will occur that renders communication with each individual impossible. While it is possible to inform an SCP-4761 instance of the existence of another instance, they will quickly forget the information after approximately 20-30 minutes, similar to an antimemetic effect.

However, despite all being different in physical appearance and behavior, SCP-4761-1 instances have a higher than normal chance to name things, or encourage other people to name things after themselves. Whether this be the personal name of a car, a username, the name of a character in a fictional story, or the last name of a child. It has been observed that since 1990, the amount of things named "Westrin" in one way or another has increased by 56.2%.

The following is a list of references to SCP-4761 within the Foundation database.

File Name Description
SCP-3494 Agent Westrin An agent that conducted a conversation between PoI #291 (dad), and named themselves "Pat DeMure" during the interview.
SCP-4031 Dr. Westrin A doctor that interacted with SCP-4031, who then had their memories removed by SCP-4031. The subject's location is currently unknown.
SCP-3879 Albert Westrin A core member of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, and is a member of the aquatics team. Can also be found within GOI-Document-3461.
SCP-4988 Restwynn Security Installations A company, which is named "Restwynn Security Installations." The name is very phonetically similar to "Westrin."
SCP-4511 Lead Researcher Westrin The lead researcher in initial containment attempts for SCP-4551. More information cannot be obtained due to SCP-4511's anomaly. Since the discovery of this instance, SCP-4511 has produced the demand of "A wanting ruler to rule over the nameless."
SCP-4447 Agent Richard Westrin An agent that has a PhD in engineering and experience in aeronautical organizations. Has experience with anomalies that manipulate spacetime as well.
SCP-4543 Dr. Westrin A doctor who serves as SCP-4543's main containment director and who also ordered the investigation of Seraph headquarters.
SCP-4804 Dr. Westrin A doctor that created one of the documentation files for SCP-4804, believing that oranges were created in a CK class event sometime in the past.
SCP-4064 Security Guard Westrin Jeremiah A security guard for Site-96. Usually guards doorways during anomaly interviews and interrogations.

Addendum-001: "Westrin & Mowry" are an American folk rock duo consisting of singer Brian Westrin and instrumentalist Peter Mowry1. The following interview was conducted on December 22nd, 2015 with Brian Westrin under the guise of a therapist session.

Addendum-002: The following are instances of Westrins located within various books discovered since SCP-4761's containment procedures were established.

██/██/████: "Jack and the Barber" by Roald Dahl. The name of the barber is later discovered to be Jerry Westrin.

██/██/████: "Goosebumps: Park Managers are Out For Blood!" by R.L. Stine. The antagonist of the book is named Daniel, but names themselves "the unforgotten Westrin" once they begin to kidnap children.

██/██/████: "And so the bell rings once again" by Stacey Hathaway. The main character of the book is West Rhythm. Currently unconfirmed instance of a Westrin.

██/██/████: "Coco: The Land of The Dead" by Lee Unkrich. Instead of Ernesto de la Cruz, the character is named "Westrin de la Cruz." This is changed to Ernesto in the film adaption.

██/██/████: "What Is My Name" by [DATA EXPUNGED]. [DATA EXPUNGED].

██/██/████: "The Walk Beneath The Moons" by Lithia Messer. Neil Armstrong, while stranded on the moon, names themselves "WES7RIN" in a bout of madness.