War of the Little Ones
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Item #: SCP-3865

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3865 is to be fenced off from all entry. Any civilian attempts to enter SCP-3865 are to be deterred, and amnestics are to be administered on a case by case basis. Patrolling guards are allowed to use lethal force only when absolutely necessary. In the event that "Dragons-Heart" ever is activated, the town of ███████ is to go under Class-7 Information Lockdown. All mail/radio waves will be blocked off from entering and exiting the town while aerosol amnestics are deployed.

All information regarding the specifics of Incident Himmelens Djevler is only accessible to Level 5 personnel.

Description: SCP-3865 is a 3-story building within ██████, Kansas. SCP-3865 is in a moderate state of disrepair, with 25% of it being completely destroyed. It is unknown what SCP-3865's original purpose was. However, it is known that on the second Monday of every month, SCP-3865 will completely lock down and will become inaccessible. Anyone within SCP-3865 when this occurs will be trapped within the building, unable to leave. During the event, the building will become completely indestructible, and all exits to the outside world will be closed up with indestructible steel sheets. This lasts exactly one week.

While this is happening, a gas will be dispensed throughout SCP-3865, causing any human who breathe it in to be convinced that they are trapped within SCP-3865, and wish to escape. Most of the time they will not trust others, but some times they will split into various groups for the sole purpose of leaving SCP-3865. This has been seen in Incident Himmelens Djevler as well as various other events. Additionally, people will make items and machinery from nearby materials and parts, even if they had no idea how to construct them in the past.

SCP-3865 was discovered in 7/11/2011, when [REDACTED], also known as Incident Himmelens Djevler. When SCP-3865 was completely cleared out, several anomalous items/items of interest were found within the building, theorized to have been created by SCP-3865's occupants during Incident Himmelens Djevler. A abridged list of discovered items can be found attached here, in 3 different categories.