Pink Moustache

Item #: SCP-5987


Mark Fischbach

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Web Crawlers A-1778 and A-1779 have been tasked with detecting posts with specific keywords involving the murder or harming of Mark Fischbach. Detected posts are sent to Task Force 58-Pink ("Behind The Scenes"), who will research the post in question and confirm its validity.

SCP-5987-1 instances are to tracked and amnesticized and all evidence of the subject's murder destroyed. Any witnesses of SCP-5987 are to be amnesticized as per standard protocol. The destruction of corpses generated by SCP-5987-1 instances are only to be done by Task Force 58-Pink.

Description: SCP-5987 is a phenomenon in which random subjects (hereafter referred to as SCP-5987-1 instances) generate evidence which prove that they murdered popular internet celebrity and comedian Mark Edward Fischbach, known by their stage name Markiplier.

This includes the manifestation of weapons, footage of the event, as well as a corpse genetically identical to Mark Fischbach. Despite this, no attempt to murder Mark Fischbach has taken place since SCP-4987's discovery, and Mark Fischbach is currently alive as of writing.

Subjects who are emotionally close to SCP-5987-1 instances, such as family members and great friends, will fully believe that the instance has murdered Mark Fischbach, despite evidence to the contrary. They will act similarly to that of an non-anomalous human discovering that a person close to them has murdered a human, and as such will feel betrayal, grief, or fear. This effect also applies to local law enforcement, who will detain SCP-5987-1 instances as normal.

Currently, only 17 SCP-5987-1 instances have been discovered. The following are examples of SCP-5987-1 instances that have been discovered.



Twitter thread created by SCP-5987-1-A. Click to enlarge.

SCP-5987-1-A is a 36 year old white woman who lives within Los Angeles, US. SCP-5987-1-A was the first SCP-5987-1 instance discovered and posted proof of their supposed murder of Mark Fischbach within a twitter thread. The thread states the following:

bit longer than usual but i just wanna confess what i did yesterday. specifically, i killed mark fischbach, known to you guys as markiplier

i entered his home on… 4 am? roughly that time. i entered his bedroom and severed several vital arteries in his neck, and then decapitated him with a hacksaw

im very sorry to any fans he had. not exactly a fan of his, only having seen a couple videos, but i just felt the need.

Followed by an image of a decapitated head identical to that of Mark Fischbach's.

SCP-5987-1-A was discovered by local law enforcement within their home in Los Angeles, with the severed arms and head of Mark Fischbach. Security cameras from a local Wal-Mart depict SCP-5987-1-A ambushing Mark Fischbach in the makeup aisle, wrapping a dirty sock over their mouth and nose until they went unconscious, and dragging their body out the emergency fire exit. Notably, Wal-Mart employees do not recall the alarm being triggered during this time.

During this event, SCP-5987-1-A said to Mark Fischbach "Oh lord, oh lord, yes… not here, not here, your place."



Reddit thread created by SCP-5987-1-A. Click to enlarge.

SCP-5987-1-B is a 23 year old white man who lives within ██████████, Spain. SCP-5987-1-B was discovered several weeks after SCP-5987-1-A was discovered, who had posted a Reddit thread which reads as follows:

I need to hide markiplier's arms

So, I killed markiplier and I need to hide his arms because I was able to shred the rest but my shredder broke on his femur so now im stuck and I need help figuring how to do this so I won't get caught.

Further inspection into the subject's account revealed that they have made multiple posts regarding murdering Mark Fischbach in the past but deleted them several minutes after posting while editing the page to say that they've solved the problem. The discovered post was the only post that lasted longer than 5 minutes. The post was not removed by the moderators at this point for unknown reasons, so the Foundation took control of the AutoModerator account and removed the post under the guise of it breaking a rule.

SCP-5987-1-B was detained by local law enforcement before the Foundation discovered the post, and information regarding Mark Fischbach's death was planned to be announced on the internet. All witnesses were amnesticized and all evidence was destroyed before this could occur. Reports state that SCP-5987-1-B snuck behind Mark Fischbach at the park at 2 AM. The subject injected Mark Fischbach with an unknown substance which rendered them comatose within 40 seconds. SCP-5987-1-B then wrapped up Mark Fischbach in a trash bag, It was later revealed SCP-5987-1-B transported the body to a woodchipper located within the subject's backyard. The subject took any resulting viscera and used it to decorate their house.



Video thumbnail and title of YouTube video uploaded by SCP-5987-1-C. Click to enlarge.

SCP-5987-1-C is a 27 year old white man who lives within ████████████, Russia. SCP-5987-1-C was discovered posting a 1 minute video on YouTube titled "i killed markipliet im so sry" which shows the following:

(SCP-5987-1-C is seen frantically running inside their house, towards a door which leads outside. Outside, an older man, theorized to be SCP-5987-1-C's neighbor, holding a kitchen knife and standing near Mark Fischbach, who is crouched on the ground clutching their chest. Large amounts of blood is covering both subjects.)

SCP-5987-1-C: (In Russian) Kill him, he's the one that ruined my life!

Asian Man: (In Russian) Are you sure?

SCP-5987-1-C: (In Russian) YES, KILL HIM, SEND HIM TO GOD!

Mark Fischbach: (In English) I've been through some shit… but now baby, I'm ba-

(The Russian man immediately begins stabbing Mark Fischbach while both subjects scream.)

SCP-5987-1-C: (Quietly, in English) Please stay down…

The video was deleted by Foundation agents shortly after discovery. SCP-5987-1-C was tracked and was discovered sitting in a rocking chair outside their house. When questioned, SCP-5987-1-C confessed to have indirectly caused SCP-5987-1-C's death, but states that he doesn't know the Russian man in the video SCP-5987-1-C posted. SCP-5987-1-C did not wish to elaborate on this previous information, and was subsequently amnesticized.