Item #: SCP-6006

Object Class: Keter Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Total containment of SCP-6006 whilst upholding normalcy is deemed unfeasible, but attempts are being made to mitigate the impact of the anomaly, which can be found within documents attached to this file.

SCP-6006 has been recategorized as Object Class: Explained following new information. The described documents have been removed as per protocol.

Archived Description: SCP-6006 is a probabilistic anomaly involving the creation of coherent sentences on text programs in a computer by performing any action with the keyboard that is not traditional typing. Included behavior includes randomly pressing keys, cleaning the keyboard, accidentally dropping the keyboard onto the floor face down, etc. SCP-6006 is purely probability based, the actual action of how the keys are pressed and inputted into the computer are not anomalous.

SCP-6006 was discovered by Dr. Henni Jayworth after he supposedly spilled a cup of coffee onto his Foundation terminal keyboard, causing SCP-6006 to activate. The result produced content which schocked Dr. Jayworth, who immediately reported it to Site Administration. Shortly after, SCP-6006 was catalogued.

The following are tests run by Dr. Jayworth in attempts to recreate SCP-6006 in a controlled setting.

Test #1

Action Preformed: Typing random keys in rapid succession.

Result: A text document that read the following:

A presence? Something new, yet familiar.

Yes… they come.

Test #2

Action Preformed: Violently throwing laptop onto floor while still connected to computer

Result: A text document that read the following:

They lash out in anger.

They do not understand that which they cannot control.

Test #3

Action Preformed: Laying head on top of the keyboard for 15 seconds

Result: A text document that read the following:

They fight at thin air,



that which harms them, yet cannot be harmed.

You cannot harm music, you cannot harm the air, you cannot harm fear

and you certainly can't harm your own soul. Give up.

Message from Site-██ Director of Operations

Fun fact! Not a single person with Level 3 clearance or above that had read this document fell for it! Crazy how that works, but I've been getting emails for this file for the past few days so I'm addressing it now. How this managed to be approved in the first place is beyond me, and may indicate we need to heavily revamp our application process. But that's something for a different letter I'm inevitably going to have to write anyway.

Dr. Henni Jayworth falsified all the information regarding this supposed anomaly and its effects. He only got it published into an actual SCP document because he was a respected member of the Foundation that has catalogued 55 legitimate SCPs in the past and has worked with us for 27 years. In actuality, what actually happened is the following:

On June 19th, 2019, a routine check of all personal Foundation terminals was performed, and with Dr. Jayworth's terminal, several text files revealing paragraphs upon paragraphs of a racist and sexist manifesto were found. He was planning on posting this to his private blog and supposedly didn't have the time to do it at home, and tried to hide it from an organization that he willingly knows does routine checks on personal equipment.

After being found out, he stated he spilled coffee on the keyboard this morning which most likely caused the content to be created, not noticing it at first. This contradicts the description of the document. He created several fake tests on camera to "prove" the anomaly which can be easily proven to be faked. In addition, he tried to make it seem more believable by making it type out relatively innocuous statements, standard stuff you'd hear out of your dime a dozen SCP object that wants to eat the world, to distract us from the fact that he created a file with several dozen paragraphs of content related to the supposed inferiority of women and minorities.

All footage created of Jayworth "proving the existence" of the anomaly seem fine on first watch until you zoom in on his keyboard and realize none of the keys pressed matched up with what showed up on screen, which once again contradicts the description of this document. Whether Jayworth edited the computer screen after recording or rigged his keyboard doesn't really matter now. The verdict still stands. Dr. Henni Jayworth has been revoked of his license as a practitioner of anomalous research and has been amnesticized and returned to society.