The List

Tyron Green

Rohit Sweeney

Ameen Lang

Alanna Horner

Aaryan Mcdougall

Angelica Curry

Ashraf Lawson

Ronny Owen

Zoya Sargent

Ayaan Roberson

Dina Case

Usaamah Prince

Beatrice Holcomb

Anabelle Lugo

Varun Gordon

Alexia Avalos

Nathaniel Cresswell

Aminah Goff

Harmony Sargent

Oskar Valdez

Ronnie Rowley

Asim Kennedy

Amari Pitt

Torin Morrow

Quentin Pate

Asia Acevedo

Madeleine Pacheco

Kunal Person

Dominique Holder

Danish Weaver

Rares William

Rayhan Cook

Nikhil Stafford

Rachelle Hurley

Darryl Steadman

Yash Hills

Moesha Tomlinson

Emergency Alert

You and I both know that there is no need for specifics anymore, Jesse.

Priority is now "on sight." Get back in there.

Maintain the Status Quo by any means necessary.