In case of emergency, break game
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Item #: SCP-5887

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Five copies of SCP-5887 are kept at Site-551 for testing purposes. MTF Redfire Wright is to remain stationed inside of a singular SCP-5887 unit until further notice by the current site director.

Description: SCP-5887 is "Blue's Clues: Joe's Scavenger Hunt", a 3D children's game created by an unknown video game developer. SCP-5887 was developed sometime between 1997-2001, and was available for purchase by the public for a small period of time after release. Approximately 500 copies of the game were purchased before being discovered by the Foundation and given proper containment procedures.

In the game, subjects play as the character Joe, who was the host for the popular children's TV show Blue's Clues in season 5 and 6. Subjects find themselves outside Joe and Blue's house, when a mailbox appears from the side of the screen and notifies Joe that there are objects scattered throughout the nearby area that must be discovered. Subjects are given control of Joe where they are able to explore a small area reminiscent of areas located within the Blue's Clues TV show, including the aforementioned house, supermarket, school, and playground. The mailbox will give the subject an object to find and they must walk through the game in attempts to find said object. After finding a certain amount of objects, the subject wins the game.

SCP-5887's anomaly manifests when the subject inputs a specific set of actions while inside the supermarket. Inputting these commands in the correct order takes around 20-40 minutes, and doing so will render the subject unconscious. This will additionally transport Joe to another area of the game, which it will remain in until the subject regains consciousness. This area, henceforth known as the bunker, is enclosed and a dark brown in color, resembling rusted iron walls. The bunker is a large labyrinth that is used to contain SCP-5887-A instances.


The Bunker

The subject, henceforth referred to as an SCP-5887-1 instance, will remain in this state for a week before appearing to regain consciousness. The SCP-5887-1 instance will subsequently begin to violently attack nearby biological entities. Further analysis of the instance reveals that the brain's electrical activity is consistent with being in a state of sleep similar to that of REM sleep, proving the instance is not in actuality conscious.

For every SCP-5887-1 instance, there is an SCP-5887-A instance to mirror it. SCP-5887-A instances are entities are located within the bunker that are capable of interacting with humans. Termination of SCP-5887-A instances results in the subsequent termination of respective SCP-5887-1 instances.

The following files require Level 4 Clearance:

> withoutjudgementfromhim

Access Granted. Loading…

Opening File: documentsbycreator.txt

Date: 5.11.83

Operation Junkyard is a way to introduce a defense mechanism to the general public against entities that could instigate mass conscious harm on a global scale. In the current American environment, it has been decided that a Video Game would be the best means to administer this state.

Thus we have contacted an obscure Video Game developer by the name of J.D. Lovings. The individual in question possesses Esoteric abilities in accordance with guidelines set by the Unusual Incidents Unit, allowing limited control of reality.

As no such entities exist at the current time, progression such a game is low priority, with the current model being intentionally barebones in order to adapt to any threat that may emerge.

God is with the American people,


Opening File: firstdraftbycreator.txt

The game must be kid friendly but not too complex. This ensures that all ages can engage with the product and be affected by its effects. After thorough discussion, it has been determined that a hide and seek game would be most appropriate for a game of this caliber. At any given time, one may enter this state of low consciousness by inputting very specific movements in a specific location, but in times of emergency, it can be made to instantly affect the user upon starting the game.

The area used to store the consciousness of protected individuals is several lightyears in diameter in the style of a standard maze. This allows for the transportation of the entire human race in case of a Code Blackcurrant.

In case such an event occurs, United States forces will be dispatched across the entirety of the continental United States, instructing all individuals within census recognized homes to play the game in order to protect themselves. In the event the Earth cannot be retaken, plans have been made to ensure the longevity of the human race within the game.

The instructions the forces will give to the families are as follows:

  • Children first.


Opening File: changeofplansbythecreator.txt

Date: %NULL%

Reports of the entities are rising at an exponential rate.

The game will now be licensed as a Blue's Clues game for the United States. News of this has yet to reach the rest of the UN.

A mechanism has been added which will result in the destruction of these entities.

Relocation of the American people will occur June 23rd, 2002.


Opening File: attemptedacquittalbythetraitor

AT&T Phone Conversation: 20/1/96

Fellings: -ot my message?

Lovings: Loud and clear. Already made adjustments and sent the game out.

Felling: Jesus Christ you're fast.

Lovings: You contacted me for a reason, didn't you?

Felling: When did you send the copies?

Lovings: Couple days ago. About 300 sold already.

Felling: Impressive. Do tell us, have any discovered the bunker yet?

Lovings: Lemme check.


Lovings: Couple dozen.

Fellings: Huh?

Lovings: I'm too tired to count them all, but I bet like 30 or 40 or so.

Fellings: We expected only 2 or 3.

Lovings: Well I ensure you, I made the entrance as irontight as possible. You sure you lot haven't accidentally pressed the button?

Fellings: The switch is beneath 500 tons of soil and bedrock in the middle of nowhere. I'd be surprised if it has.

Agent ██████████: No it's not. Not anymore.

Lovings: Whoa, who-

Fellings: Who are you? Why are you intercepting our call?

Agent ██████████: Really now, I wouldn't call rural Nebraska the middle of nowhere, but whatever gets you through the day.

Fellings: Identify yourself or I am sending a police car to your location.

Agent ██████████: Tell me Fellings, do you know about the SCP Foundation?

Lovings: You fucking said they wouldn't find out. There are 40 of them-

Fellings: You again? We specifically buried this under lock and key!

Agent ██████████: Needed about 50 more locks and 150 more keys then. But that's not related. We're very embarrassed, Fellings.

Fellings: I-

Agent ██████████: Hanging up will only speed up the inevitable. As I was saying, I can assure you, Fellings, we are extremely offended. To think that you would put so little faith in our abilities.

Agent ██████████: The "entities" you speak of were put in a cell, given the Safe object class, given 2 sentences in their containment procedures, and we went on with our days. You didn't believe in our abilities to handle this ourselves, didn't you?

Fellings: Fuck you, you're not killing me. Not this time.

Agent ██████████: I hope it wasn't an exercise in pride, now that would be unfortunate.

[Fellings hangs up]

Lovings: Please man, don't…

Agent ██████████: Don't worry Lovings, the kids will see their parents soon enough.

[Lovings hangs up]

RE: Passcode


command must not know we're both outside the game right now. I'm doing you a favor here, and I expect you to pay it back soon.

The passcode is: what.a.fool.i.was

Good luck.