Item #: 2689

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2689 is to be kept in a standard 5m x 4m x 2m air tight freezer kept at 14° Fahrenheit (-10° Celsius) in an undisclosed wing of Site-76. As of 2/17/██, Dr. Timothy may view and interact with SCP-2689 once a day. In the event that Dr. Timothy becomes unavailable to perform further tests, a new individual is to be selected by the presiding on-site counselor.

Description: SCP-2689 is a Magic Chef brand Refrigerator. SCP-2689 is in a state of moderate disrepair with dried paint from the wall of the house it was in before containment on the left side of SCP-2689, the handle to the fridge is missing, A sticker mark on its freezer portion indicates that SCP-2689 has been used and SCP-2687's freezer and fridge don't work due to the lack of a compressor. The addition of a compressor from a normal refrigerator does not nullify or alter SCP-2689's anomalous properties.

SCP-2689's anomalous effects become apparent when an object is put into the fridge of SCP-2689 and the door has been closed. Opening the door again will show that the object that was inserted in has vanished, and a new object based on the object inserted will appear in the freezer. Objects that appear in SCP-2689's freezer act as they do any other object of their kind. This process does not work if an object is inserted into the freezer instead of the fridge.

If an input inserted into SCP-2689 is a sentient living creature, the output will be a 2 liter bottle of a dark liquid akin to most soft drinks dubbed SCP-2689-1. On the bottle will be writing written with ████ brand permanent marker that reads the first name of whatever Animal was put into it. If the subject hasn't received a name prior to being inserted into SCP-2689, SCP-2689-1 won't have a name marked onto it and it will not have any liquid in it.

Whenever something consumes SCP-2689-1, the subject who consumed it will pass out within 5-10 minutes after consumption. After they wake up which could take a few hours to a few [REDACTED], their personality will shift to the subject that “transformed” into the instance of SCP-2689-1. Subject will lose the effect within 2-3 hours and most have claimed to not recall what happened. Those who still remember what has happened suffer long term depression and usually exhibit suicide thoughts after 2-3 months. Subjects who consume SCP-2689-1 have reported it to be very bitter and has a very horrid after taste.

Discovery: SCP-2689 was found in a one story house found in the small town of ███████, Australia that has been abandoned since 19██. The house's last residence has not been identified, as any paperwork relating to the house was either lost or destroyed. SCP-2689 was discovered when 2 kids ages █ and ██ went into the house to explore. The children were declared missing that same day and a search party was sent out. The search party found SCP-2689 with the freezer containing 2 instances of SCP-2689-1 with the children's names marked onto the bottles. One of the officers drank one of the instances of SCP-2689-1 and went into a coma. Upon waking the officer started to act and talk like one of the missing children. The Foundation was contacted and retrieved SCP-2689 and administered all of the officers in the search party Class A Amnesiacs.

EXPERIMENT LOG 2689-████: 2/22/██

“We were curious about 2689's anomalous's abilities, 5 experiments were approved by 05-█ and were carried out as soon as possible. 05-█ has also forbid putting human beings into SCP-2689 until further notice.” -Dr. ██████

Experiment# 1

INPUT: A standard #2 pencil.

OUTPUT: A 2 Inch by 2 Inch pink eraser of no brand.

Experiment# 2

INPUT: A single mature Helianthus annuus also known as the common sunflower. (roots, stem and flower are included)

OUTPUT: 5 Seeds of Solanum melongena, a species of Nightshade fruit known as “Eggplant”

Experiment# 3
INPUT: A class of chocolate milk contained in a small glass cup.

OUTPUT: A glass of strawberry milk in the same cup.

Experiment# 4

INPUT: A bottle of Coca-cola brand soft drink (Unopened)

OUTPUT: A molar of an unknown species. (DNA doesn't match any sort of creature found on earth)

Experiment# 5



"After analyzing SCP-2689 for an extended period of time, we decided that it would be safe to classify it as Euclid. The fourth experiment has told us that the outputs of SCP-2689 don't have to originate from our world. Due to this, all experiments have halted until further notice in order to not accidentally create something that could cause an XK-class: End-of-the-world scenario" -Dr. ██████