Old SCP-4736

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Item #: SCP-4736

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4736 is inherently self-containing. No Thaumiel class objects are to be brought within 10 kilometres.

Description: SCP-4736 is the town of ██████████, New Zealand. No anomalous activity is possible within the town limits.

Originally investigated as a potential low-level probability anomaly after cross-referencing of records found no anomalous activity in the area since the town's founding in 19██, greater interest was taken after testing found that it was impossible to cause any anomaly to enter the town. Objects that appear mundane have their abilities temporarily neutralised1, while any objects that appear outwardly abnormal will be subject to a variety of apparently non-anomalous events that will prevent them from being brought into the boundaries of SCP-4736 (see test log below).

Test Log:
Test No. Object Results Comments
1 A six-sided die that occasionally lands on 7 Die rolled 1-6 with expected probability, no 7s recorded over several hundred rolls. "About what I expected- This should serve as a good control test." - Dr ███████
2 Sheet of paper containing a proof for Theta Prime Foundation researchers agreed that the formula was a complete, if unnecessarily complicated, proof demonstrating the existence of the number 2. Document was reviewed upon leaving the town limits, where the formula was found once again to demonstrate Theta Prime's existence. Paper was incinerated.
3 A hand-mirror with indestructible glass surface Reflective portion of the mirror crumble to dust upon entering the town, and failed to reform upon exit.   "I suppose after all the testing the anomaly was the only thing holding it together. We need to be careful about what items we use from here on out." - Dr ███████
4 A wooden chest that cannot be opened N/A- Test denied. "No." - Dr ███████2
5 A six-dimensional "sphere" Across 14 tests to transport the object by vehicle, no research team successfully managed to reach the town. Failures included breakdown that required the vehicle to be towed, a malfunctioning GPS device that kept the team lost until needing to turn back due to low fuel, a map that was found to be out of date and unable to guide the team, and one minor crash.3 "Honestly thought it would just appear as a normal sphere." - Dr ███████

Addendum: A small temporary research base was set up just outside the boundary of SCP-4736's observed effect. After one week, it was found that the effect had expanded to include the area around the structure. Upon dismantling, the area of effect receded back to its original boundary.