World of Stars and Stripes
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By Order of the Council of the Unified

This file is protected by a Harrington-Robin Class Memetic Kill Agent designed to induce an agonizing death in unauthorized sapient subjects. Personnel that do not have 5/4776 Class Clearance cannot access this file.

You have been warned, and this is your final warning.





when you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice

Item #: SCP-4776

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. - Thomas Jefferson

Description: SCP-4776 is the United States of America. SCP-4776's anomalous properties were first discovered in 1950 during the Cold War, but it was not given SCP status until 200█. The decision to give SCP-4776 its SCP designation was decided upon and unanimously granted by the entirety of the O5 Council and Ethics Committee, as well as key members of the ACML Administration. SCP-4776 has three anomalous properties:


SCP-4776. Click to enlarge.

  • SCP-4776 possesses cognitohazardous properties. Subjects affected by this will have several sections of the frontal lobe dulled, which causes a significant decrease in passiveness. Affected subjects will react less rationally while making decisions, and subjects are more likely to resort to violence. The vectors for this cognitohazard are items very closely related to the country, such as the American flag. This effect has only been seen on citizens of SCP-4776.
  • The actions of SCP-4776's government, military, and other federally-owned businesses, when viewed as the actions of a single entity, resemble the behavior of an adult male Sus scrofa specimen (Wild boar) with regards to their mating processes and rituals. For more information, please see document Manifest Destiny, Article 3.
  • Approximately every ██ years, SCP-4776 will engage in a "Feeding-Event." A Feeding-Event occurs when SCP-4776 goes to war with another nation. During this time, all members of SCP-4776's government will begin to undergo mental alteration, slowing all major political events significantly, so that they require less resources. Additionally, the creation of weaponry, ranging from simple handguns to nuclear warheads, will manifest without any known source. Depending on the outcome of a war, SCP-4776 will undergo one of three anomalous events. Please see document Manifest Destiny for more information.

SCP-4776's anomalous properties are theorized to have been created in 1815 after the War of 1812's conclusion. However, due to this occurring before the establishment of the SCP Foundation, the anomaly remained uncontained. [REDACTED]. After a meeting with the O5 Council and ACML Administration, SCP-4776 was redesignated from SCP-001 to SCP-4776.

The current President of the United States (hereafter referred to as SCP-4776-1), is a Class-IV Ontokinetic Entity, known as ██████████████ ██████ to the public. SCP-4776-1 was elected as President in 2024. More information can be found within document Manifest Destiny.

Note from O5-1

My fellow Americans,

Starting tomorrow, Operation Old Glory will commence. If our calculations are correct, the operation will result in the death of all human life upon this Earth. The Council has determined that this is a preferable alternative for what is to come, should SCP-4776 remain unimpeded.

Remember to submit to our President while you are being obliterated, lest you be revived and introduced to a World of Stars and Stripes.

God bless America.

Document Manifest Destiny

Glory to the Council of the Unified


It has been determined that a Feeding-Event is an anomalous political event that affects all levels of the US Government. Currently, the only known information regarding Feeding-Events is as follows:

1: Feeding-Events only occur during times of war and other forms of political warfare, even wars without any violence such as the Cold War.

2: During a Feeding-Event, a large amount of the SCP-4776 government will undergo mental alteration. The change is mostly unnoticeable, and is only prevalent upon very close inspection. Subjects affected by this alteration suffer the following symptoms:

  • Their sense of empathy will be greatly diminished. They will be focused on the general outcome of a war, and will generally have high interest about personal wealth rather than the lives of soldiers.
  • Their metabolism will be increased significantly, requiring much more food. It is currently theorized that when not appearing to the general public, subjects are either eating food or sleeping.
  • Their relationship with SCP-4776-1 will become polarized. i.e., subjects will either become highly supportive of SCP-4776-1, or become extremely critical of them. However, no assassination attempts have been recorded from the latter.

3: All political events will take much longer than usual. Presidential elections will take four years instead of two, the annexation of states will occur much more slowly, usually one state every one hundred years, instead of one state every twenty-five years.

4: The nation being affected by a Feeding-Event will experience a mass degradation of all weapons of mass destruction, usually becoming defunct within three weeks of a Feeding Event.

Additionally, when a war ends, SCP-4776 will undergo one of three anomalous changes, depending on the outcom:

5: Should SCP-4776 lose the war, they will instead be the target of mass degradation of all their weapons of mass destruction. Approximately 0.1% percent of SCP-4776's population will die within the next week, and 3.5% of the population will expatriate into a nearby country, usually under the guise of tourism or simply moving to another country.

The nation being affected by the Feeding-Event will have their borders anomalously increase in size. Paperwork regarding this change will manifest, and all relevant politicians involved in the border increase will have their memories affected regarding the increase.

6: Should SCP-4776 win the war, the nation affected by the Feeding-Event will instead have their population expatriate into nearby countries. Their borders will decrease in size in the same way as if SCP-4776 loses the war, and the concept of that nation will be severely altered, causing all humans to think of that nation differently, even if it has been several centuries since the Feeding-Event.

SCP-4776 as a whole will undergo a reality restructuring event, affecting all of SCP-4776's territories. The rate in which discoveries, inventions, and progress in other major scientific branches will be increased tenfold. The way this is accomplished is currently unknown.

7: If no nation wins the Feeding-Event, both SCP-4776 and the affected nation will be affected as if both of them lost the war, i.e., both of their populations will exasperate into nearby countries, the affected nation's border will decrease, both nation's weapons of mass destruction will be degraded, etc. This has only occurred █ times since SCP-4776's inception.

As of 6/9/2051, SCP-4776 is currently engaged in a Feeding-Event with Afghanistan.