It's a Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day,
To go outside,
To see the Earth,
To see its pride.

It's a beautiful day,
To chase the sun,
To be alive,
To be as one.

It was a Tuesday when Ava realized it was the end.

It was peaceful, somewhat. The sky was blue, the air was clean, the flowers were vibrant. It was the perfect final day for humanity, for those still alive to see it. Ava, formally O5-4, sat in her room and waited. There was nothing to be done. Try as everyone might, it was over. The O5s resigned, the personnel and D-Class discharged, the anomalies released or destroyed. The Foundation collapsed.

But that was okay. Everything was okay.

Ava sat up in her bed. The sweet air around her flowed from the window, the smell of different flowers blending together in a perfect aroma. Ava's tired eyes watched the large, white clouds roll over the grassy plains, the birds chirping on a nearby tree, the sight of two little boys playing catch with each other. She smiled. It didn't matter if it was the end, as long as it was the right ending.

Slowly, Ava rose to her feet. Stretching methodically, she glanced towards the injection on her bed-stool; she wouldn't need it, she made that decision long ago. She wouldn't hide from the end, not again. Looking back to the window, the boys were gone, and a single red ball remained in the middle of the flower patch. No one else was in sight.

Ava continued to stare at the ball for a long time. When she was young, her grandfather used to play catch with her, too, just like the two little boys did. He used to take her to this very park and bring her ice cream or tell her stories. They did this for years. And then, one day, it stopped, and she knew why. She cried for a long, long time. But this time, there would be no more crying for anyone. Everyone was at peace.

Ava walked to her bedroom door, and let the light flood her room. It was time to face The End.

It's a beautiful day,
To rest our heads,
To watch the world,
To stitch our threads.

It's a beautiful day,
To smell the rose,
To taste the air,
To write our prose.

It's a beautiful day,
To watch the sea,
To calm the Earth,
To let it be.

It's a beautiful day,
To let us feel null,
To enjoy the end,
Where the World Went Beautiful.