Proposal Regarding Angels



Proposal to Cognitohazards Department Head

To the Cognitohazards Department Head;

Involving the recent spread of SCP-7376, I wish to propose a countermeasure which may be able to produce a quarantine on pre-activation SCP-7376-1 instances. The proposal is as follows: One D-Class is to be studied (see below) prior to infection (pre-activation), and is to be quarantined and experimented with post-infection to determine the exact underlying side effects of SCP-7376-1 prior to activation. The tests include:

  • Cognitohazardous Resistance Testing
  • Type-Kappa Memetic Sentience Detection
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Autonomic Response Testing
  • Audio-Carrier Testing
  • Physical Tests

In the event a clear symptom of infection appears, all staff in the Cognitohazards Department are to be scanned, and (if a symptom is apparent) detained via quarantine, followed by all staff in Site-13. Once all memetic carriers are identified, containment of SCP-7376-1 instances (both post and prior to activation) should be incredibly easier.

Additional Resources: SCP-7376 Documentation | Research on SCP-7376 Instances and Behaviors
Authored: David Jackson, Level 3 Cognitohazards Department Researcher
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