Possible Limit to Spread of Angel Infection.



Proposal to Cognitohazards Department Head

To the Cognitohazards Department Head;

I believe a stop can be put to the memetic infection of SCP-7376 through the use of antimemetic anomalies and sematic pointer anomalies. Allow me to elaborate:

  1. Designate a Class-1 Antimemetic Anomaly (or Antimemetic Agent) to be used for experiment.
  2. Acquire a semantic pointer.
  3. Designate the Class-1 Antimemetic Anomaly/Agent as the infection of SCP-7376 via semantics.

This is not necessarily guaranteed to work, nor do I have proper clearance to access Antimemetic Anomalies or Semantic Pointers. However, should I receive proper clearance to do so, I will perform an experiment involving one D-Class subject and report the results. I am asking permission to perform this experiment should I receive proper clearance to do so.

Additional Resources: SCP-7376 Documentation | ACTION PROPOSAL: PRE-ACTIVATION SYMPTOMS
Authored: David Jackson, Level 3 Cognitohazards Department Researcher
Testimonial: N/A