Item #: SCP-7991

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7991's current containment is the entirety of Site-13. In the event SCP-7991 affects a victim, the victim is to be transported to Isolated Medical Wing 2, and experimental testing for a prevention to SCP-7991's effects are to be performed following Ethics Committee review. Permanent containment for SCP-7991 is unfeasible. Procedure 833-Boaz (See Addendum) is to be enacted as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-7991 is an antimemetic neuro-parasitic entity capable of telepathically interacting with its victims. SCP-7991's victim pattern appears random- however, one common factor among victims is the possession of psychological disorders, specifically mood disorders, schizophrenic disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. Once SCP-7991 has chosen a victim, SCP-7991 will begin to stalk them. During this time, SCP-7991's victim will become immune to SCP-7991's antimemetic effects, thus being able to perceive it, and is here forth referred to as SCP-7991-A.

SCP-7991's appearance is consistent among SCP-7991-A; SCP-7991 is a yellow-colored humanoid approximately 2.4 meters in height lacking any distinct features. SCP-7991's appendages are disproportionate compared to the torso, however, vary in exact length. Over time, SCP-7991-A will describe SCP-7991's color saturation increasing1.

SCP-7991's primary effects begin roughly 3 hours after the first visual contact2. Once SCP-7991-A has made visual contact with SCP-7991, SCP-7991 will begin to follow them, and if prevented from doing so, will appear to manifest in a location nearby the subject. Over the course of approximately 20-30 days, SCP-3991-A will begin to experience a radical configuration of the prefrontal cortex and amygdala, however, no function will be lost, save for the inability to experience negative emotions. This change progresses at a linear rate, and over the allotted time, will induce manic episodes more frequently.

Once 20-30 days have passed, SCP-7991-A will lose the ability to feel sadness, fear, anger, disgust, and, in some cases, empathy3. SCP-7991-A will become increasingly positive over the next few days, and will being to experience manic episodes more frequently until developing a unipolar disorder. Once this has occurred, SCP-7991-A may develop multiple symptoms, believed to be a natural effect of SCP-7991's interference:

  • Mania-Induced Psychosis and Insanity.
  • Complete lack of moral and/or ethical standards.
  • Inability to empathize.
  • Mild or major asphyxiation due to prolonged laughing fits.
  • Conversion to extreme Type-2 Personality and subsequent possible accidents due to nature.
  • Major brain damage4.

Currently, there is no method to treat or reverse the affected subject. Roughly 85% of SCP-7991-A die before a two month period has elapsed.