To Make A Party, You Must Planet
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid (Reclassification Pending)

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to continuously search for observations of HD 44219 and its planetary system. Individuals who discover SCP-XXXX's anomalous nature are to be amnesticized, and their research is to be confiscated.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a planet orbiting HD 44219, located approximately 164 light years from Earth. SCP-XXXX is ~0.6 MJ in size, and not anomalous in composition or shape. SCP-XXXX orbits the star HD 44219 at a rate of roughly 1.3 years per cycle, and is distanced roughly 1.2 AU away. SCP-XXXX possesses a single moon and a ring system.

SCP-XXXX's ring is composed of an estimated 4.7 billion glass bottles, each containing alcoholic beverages. Analysis of these bottles generally concludes them to be roughly eight-hundred years old. Beverage types contained in these bottles vary, however, alcohol concentration is exceptionally high, ranging from 40-70% per bottle.

Approximately once every 200 days, a large portion of bottles will disappear from SCP-XXXX's ring. Following this, SCP-XXXX will undergo random speed alterations, and will sporadically change direction up to ten degrees from its standard orbital path. This will continue for roughly twenty days. Following this, SCP-XXXX will readjust its orbit and speed to how it was prior.


Foreword: SCP-XXXX's ring underwent a significant loss of bottles unexpectedly, only 68 days following the previous event. Details are transcribed below.

<00:00:00>: Roughly 200 thousand bottles disappear from SCP-XXXX's ring. SCP-XXXX's behavior is unchanged.

<00:57:09>: SCP-XXXX's moon begins to display erratic behavior. SCP-XXXX's orbital speed begins to slow slightly.

<02:04:54>: SCP-XXXX's moon's orbit begins to display extremely erratic behavior; The moon reverses momentum, spins, or halts completely, seemingly at random.

<05:09:33>: SCP-XXXX begins to change its angular momentum to distance itself from its moon's current location. SCP-XXXX's moon begins to slow.

<09:49:28>: SCP-XXXX's moon begins to "chase" after SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX continues to distance itself.

<10:39:39>: SCP-XXXX's moon enters close orbit around SCP-XXXX, entering its Roche Limit.

<10:58:01>: SCP-XXXX's moon begins to disintegrate due to tidal forces between it and SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX's moon attempts to escape, however, becomes overwhelmed by SCP-XXXX's gravity.

<11:54:33>: SCP-XXXX's moon, almost entirely disintegrated, collapses into SCP-XXXX.

<12:03:45>: SCP-XXXX's orbit slows drastically, almost entirely unmoving. This continues for approximately 17 more hours.

<29:14:02>: Twenty million bottles disappear from SCP-XXXX's ring. SCP-XXXX continues to remain motionless, despite its host star's gravitational pull acting on it. SCP-XXXX continues to fall towards HD 44219.

Afterword: Should SCP-XXXX's behavior remain unchanged, SCP-XXXX will be neutralized in January of 2020.