You've Been Hit By; You've Been Struck By
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Item #: SCP-XXXX Level 4/XXXX
Object Class: Keter Classified

Threat Level: Orange


Only known photograph of SCP-XXXX, located second to the right, during Incident XXXX-10.

Special Containment Procedures: As of yet, no means to contain SCP-XXXX are available. Personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX are to track and record all actions performed by the entity and report gathered information to the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-XXXX is Group of Interest #006, colloquially known as "Nobody". SCP-XXXX typically appears as an elderly male of European descent in grey or black formal attire, though this has been subject to change periodically. It is not known if SCP-XXXX is one or multiple people, a gestalt intelligence, a reality bender, or another phenomenon, however, no two instances of Nobody have been seen at once.

SCP-XXXX has displayed the ability to travel over vast distances in short time, disappear and reappear at will, and experience precognition of events. Most notably, SCP-XXXX is able to manipulate minor details to have larger consequences1. Due to this, the containment of the anomaly has been deemed impossible for the timebeing.

SCP-XXXX's mission is unclear; Its actions are inconsistent, often assisting or hindering the same subjects/organizations seemingly at random. On occasion, SCP-XXXX will assume direct contact with said subjects/organizations in attempt to communicate valuable information or change the outcome of future events. Information provided by SCP-XXXX has, so far, been entirely true.

Addendum - Abridged Log of SCP-XXXX Interactions

Incident Designation Incident Description Incident Consequences Notes
Incident XXXX-1 An unknown individual (now known as Nobody) approached Agent ████████ in 1954. The individual gave him a note, and when the Agent attempted to repremand the man, he vanished. First contact made with SCP-XXXX. Subsequent sightings followed soon after. The full note left by SCP-XXXX can be found unedited on the official GoI File.
Incident XXXX-4 During the attempted execution of Annie Gonzalez, a Class-4 Reality Bender, by the joint efforts of the Global Occult Coalition and the SCP Foundation, SCP-XXXX manifested spontaneously behind the entity. Subsequently, SCP-XXXX fired an unidentifiable gun and terminated the entity via nine gunshot wounds to the skull. Once the entity was successfully terminated, SCP-XXXX demanifested. Due to the early execution of the reality bender, Mobile Task Force Units located SCP-███ on the way to Area-14, moments prior to activation. This would have potentially resulted in the deaths of all the inhabitants of ███ ██████. N/A
Incident XXXX-6 SCP-XXXX requested from Director Ottmar to know the location of Doctor Jack Bright, who was at a nearby park on his lunch break. The exact details of the events are unknown- however, Doctor Jack Bright did not return to work for a number of hours. Doctor Jack Bright refuses to diverge any details of the conversation. Unknown. Unknown.
Incident XXXX-9 During an attempt to capture SCP-1880, Agent ████████ was attacked, and the anomaly was stolen by SCP-XXXX. Twenty-two days after, SCP-1880 was handed to MTF Sigma-5's commander, and when the commander attempted to subdue him, he was knocked out. See Incident Report SCP-1880-C for more information. Unknown. Presumably, the Class-D personnel involved in the breach of SCP-████ caused by SCP-1880 had to have been D-1880-82, though this has not been confirmed. Note One: See attached file XXXX-9 Supplement. Following containment, a note was found on the commander's nightstand, reading, "The knot was there for a reason".
Incident XXXX-10 SCP-XXXX set fire to an unmarked building and killed 13 individuals located inside. Individuals were Sarkic Karcists, and despite being biologically immortal, perished in the fire. How this was achieved is unknown. Of note, the Karcists were in the midst of performing an unknown ritual. Note found inside one of the corpses. "Rock beats scissors, fire beats flesh."
Incident XXXX-11 SCP-XXXX manifested within Site-37 and distributed an unknown substance via water-supply which rendered on-site staff unable to have meaningful effects on their surroundings. Following this, a large-scale raid was performed by the Chaos Insurgency, and a total number of 127 Foundation staff were terminated. Kaiden Reed, an Alpha-Level member of the Chaos Insurgency, abandoned the organization a few month following the raid. The significance of this event is not known. N/A
Incident XXXX-14 N/A N/A [REDACTED]

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