SCP-5465 — O M N I E T Y
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Item Number: SCP-5465

Object Class: Keter


fig. 1.1⠀ SCP-5465

Special Containment Procedures: The property housing SCP-5465 has been purchased from its previous owners, GoI-9472, ("Charles and Son Firepits")1. A chainlink fence has been established along its perimeter, and is monitored via CCTV camera for potential trespassers.

Due to recent events, SCP-5465 has been reclassified to Keter. Rewrite of containment procedures and further expeditions into its interior are currently pending.

Description: SCP-5465 is a factory located in the Nunavut province of northern Canada. SCP-5465 was previously owned by "Charles and Son Firepits," a seemingly non-existent corporation, which sold the property to the Foundation after investigation of the area. Investigations into "Charles and Son Firepits" are ongoing.

SCP-5465's anomalous properties consist of three major components:

  1. Approximately every thirty days, a luminous sphere of unknown composition materializes over the central chimney for roughly thirty minutes. During this period, indistinct sobbing can be heard from within the building.
  2. The building appears to descend farther than its outside bounds, and rooms display non-euclidean properties despite being on a flat surface. Each floor appears to be distinctly constructed, suggesting that it was intentionally created rather than spontaneously generated.
  3. The factory is operational despite no human presence within it.

The relationship between these anomalous phenomena have not be ascertained.


fig. 1.2⠀ Only known photograph of SCP-5465's interior, prior to anomalous phenomena.

History: SCP-5465 is believed to have been constructed sometime around 1933 as an ordinary factory2, presumably by a small startup business in response to the Great Depression. However, it's believed that the business failed and left the property abandoned or sold it to Charles and Son Firepits. Following its acquisition, SCP-5465 was modified to display anomalous characteristics.

On October 7th, 2016, the Foundation received reports of anomalous activity within the region SCP-5465 occupied, primarily strange lights and noises. Although Mobile Task Forces had difficulty tracking the source of these due to the anomaly's isolated location, it was eventually discovered on November 6th thanks to the building's primary anomalous effect activating.

On November 8th, 2016, a lawyer from New York City approached a Foundation front company with an offer to sell the property. Background checks and mild interrogation confirmed that the lawyer was anonymously contacted through email with appropriate documentation. Due to the potential anomalous phenomena surrounding the property, the Foundation accepted the offer, and established containment on November 28th.

On January 20th, 2018, all further explorations into SCP-5465 were forbidden by the O5 Council. In addition, SCP-5465 was reclassified as Keter. See Addenda.

Addendum One: On November 11th, 2016, Mobile Task Force Theta-90 ("Angle Grinders") was deployed to investigate and ascertain the nature of SCP-5465. The team consisted of three members: Daniel Hills (Captain), Cathy Lloyd (θ-1), Walter Mayers (θ-2). All members were sufficiently resistant to memetic agents, and possessed prior experience with armed combat.


The Task Force is deployed on the outskirts of the property. A brief check of all equipment occurs, and