Item #: SCP-4652

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4652 is currently stored at a containment cell at Site-15. Experimentation with SCP-4652 is restricted to personnel of level 2 and above.

Description: SCP-4652 is a Hewlett-Packard-branded personal desktop running the Windows XP operating system. Study of SCP-4652’s internals show that it does not possess any anomalous properties itself, although it appears to have been modified to have a hard drive with a total of four terabytes.

SCP-4652 was recovered from a storage unit belonging to PoI-2006, suspected member of Group of Interest “League of Epic Win”. SCP-4652 was originally catalogued as Item of Interest #652, and was upgraded to full SCP status when a file check discovered SCP-4652-1.

SCP-4652-1 is an executable program named “wna05.exe”, located in the desktop folder “PROJECT”. SCP-4652-1