Item#: 5278
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5278 is currently stored at a containment cell at Site-15. Experimentation with SCP-5278 is restricted to personnel of level 2 and above.

Description: SCP-5278 is a Hewlett-Packard-branded personal desktop running the Windows XP operating system. Study of SCP-5278’s internals show that it does not possess any anomalous properties itself, although it appears to have been modified to have a hard drive with a total of four terabytes.

SCP-5278 was recovered from a storage unit belonging to PoI-2006, suspected member of Group of Interest [REDACTED]. SCP-5278 was originally catalogued as Item of Interest #652, and was upgraded to full SCP status when a file check discovered SCP-5278-1.

SCP-5278-1 is an executable program named “wna05.exe”, located in the desktop folder “PROJECT”. SCP-5278-1 does not appear to have a consistent file size, although testing records show fluctuation between ██.██ MB and ██.██ GB. A check of the file's properties reveal it was created on ██/██/████ and last modified on ██/██/████.

SCP-5278-1 appears to be a text generation/text viewing program based on SEGA-propriety characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, in specific the title character Sonic and supporting character Amy Rose.

Whenever a text document containing viable text is inserted into SCP-5278-1, a new text file of the file format .███ will be created in the sub-folder "STORY_GEN". These files can only be opened using SCP-5278-1, and visually appear similar to traditional text documents. The generated text will differ greatly from the original, the most apparent change being the replacement of the story's main characters with those based off the aforementioned characters (to be referred this point forward as SCP-5278-1-SG and SCP-5278-1-AE respectively). Text depicting quotes said by the main characters will also be changed to represent SCP-5278-1-SG and -AE, being colored blue and pink, respectively.