Fellas Premiere Episode

“Ey, fellas. Knock off that high society crap and play some o’ this!”

Some scrawny fucko soyboy faggoli said this to a bunch of high arts musical legends (trademark symbol) busy playing Roman classical jazz music over what could only be described as God himself weaping in dance form. This disrupted the whole thing, causing a 7K-Grand Dad Rises from the Dead and wreaks havoc on the entire planet Scenario, something everyone tried to avoid doing since 2017, but now this fucko undid their progress. And all because he plagiarized a Family Guy Funny Moment.

The guards were walking up the stairs, ready to arrest the human fuckoff, when he threw the Apollo disc-looking fucker into the face of one of the musicians, destroying his nose and most likely giving him autism to.

As the guards literally threw that skinny shitlet down the stairs and made him roll like a lego boulder after a man dressed like Indiana Jones, the fucked nose man picked up the disc and looked at it. The words “LGBTAWCY” was inscribed on it, and so was the image on a man fucking every woman in known existence. He was shocked about the scribe, ignoring the fact that it was even inscribed on there despite the actual size of the disc. However, he found a small Japanese message on the side of it. He studied Spanish, which wasn’t Japanese, but he studied Spanish too hard and it became Japanese. Ya.

He whispered to the main man and they got out a giant fucking canon thing that looked like SCP-2700 but it was decorated with Columbine shooting fanart by tumblr.

He put the disc into a compartment slot on the side.





All of a sudden, the entire dance hall began dividing into ten million polyhedrons that were made of neutronium and nihonium, splitting the fabric of space into ten million assholes, both as in mean dudes and the bootyhole ™, and the soymale (they ruined the word male) had his dick turned into a garden hose, which he used as a noose to hang everyone except the guys playing the music, which to mention, was pure bass boosted to the theta prime power.

A giant hand came out of the fuckin’ sky, and it grew a mouth and said “YES YOU ARE COOL NOW AND FOREVER ™ ™ ™ ™ AAAAAA” and then dropped ten million Tsar Bombas, destroying the entire dwarf planet the civilization was located at.

Oh and grand dad died to. :clap: .