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Item #: SCP-015-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-015-J is currently being housed in a Foundation base under the guise of a Burger King franchise restaurant in [REDACTED], Ohio, with additional security from MTF Alpha-8 "Chilis". SCP-015-J is to be contained in two (2) clear plastic bins. No more than one (1) personnel is to be permitted within 0.5 m of SCP-015-J.

Description: SCP-015-J is a species of Lactuca Sativa (colloquially known as lettuce), recovered by Foundation agents at [REDACTED], Ohio, at the Burger King franchise now presently being operated by the Foundation, after reports of an anomalous entity at the chain were received.

Any personnel within 0.5 m of SCP-015-J will feel a gradual impulse to place their feet into its containment bin. when this occurs, personnel currently in contact with SCP-015-J will contract mild tinea pedis, or athlete's foot, within twenty-four (24) hours. Athlete's foot is highly treatable, and as such does not pose a risk to the Foundation.

Studies into SCP-015-J have shown that the lettuce in question have not been contaminated with tinea pedis, yet personnel interacting SCP-015-J will contract athlete's foot regardless of physical condition. If a personnel with an existing condition of tinea pedis interacts with SCP-015-J, no physical changes will occur.